Part of Transition Network

Planet Heswall is one of a number of Transition Town groups across the NorthWest – our nearest neighbour being Transition Town West Kirby, with Transition Liverpool and Transition Chester also close by. 

The Transition Town groups in the NorthWest are loosely linked into a virtual regional network, using facebook and Zoom to stay connected. They connect up to share ideas and support each other. Each Transition Town group is unique, as it is shaped by the place and the local people who live there, but some common themes and projects are often seen, along themes such as food growing, energy, transport, reducing waste and promoting re-use.

There are lots of helpful resources on the Transition Network website, including details of the latest initiative, “Transition Together”. 

Cool Wirral Partnership & Cool Communities

Planet Heswall is a member of the Cool Wirral Partnership (link). The Cool Wirral Partnership is a multi-sector forum that champions and co-ordinates local action on climate change. It is supported by, but independent of, Wirral Council. The local Climate Change Strategy produced by the partnership, Cool2, was refreshed in 2019 and shows the scale of Wirral’s challenge to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement.

One of the initiatives arising from the strategy is the “Cool Communities” strand – working with a range of community groups across the Wirral to help them understand their Carbon footprint and support them to make changes to reduce their impact on the planet. During lockdown, the first online Cool Communities event was run for a Heswall audience by Wirral Environmental Network and Rethink Now CIC, and held jointly with Planet Heswall.